How to Make Cobbled Bases

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Those of you who’ve seen the awesome cobbled bases on our Gangs of Rome miniatures will find today’s offering of some interest. In an article first published on our Gangs of Rome blog, Darren Linington shows us how he achieved such a magnificent effect. So pay attention…

…I’ll be asking questions later.


1: Figure all cleaned and prepared.

2: Trim the base to the figure, Just leaving a small amount so it can be attached to the round base.

3: Start adding small amounts of Green Stuff to the base.

4: Flatten out the Green Stuff to the edges. Leave a few places raised as it doesn’t have to be dead flat. This will make it more interesting to the eye. Also, don’t smooth out the green Stuff to much leave some texture to the base, it will help later! Leave the base for about twenty minutes this will make sculpting the pattern a lot easier to work with.

5: Start making the paving slab shapes, Start from the base of the figures foot and work outwards. Google is your friend for reference! Always have some reference at hand. Make life a lot easier and keeps you on track. With the corners of the slabs try and keep it rounded to suggest a lot of foot traffic. And try and keep the size different too. It will make for a more interesting base.

Hope this helps!!



About Darren Linington

Darren’s adventures in wargaming began with Airfix soldiers before moving onto model aircraft, tanks and ships. He became a committed miniature painter shortly after he discovered White Dwarf issue 93 (the one with the famous Warhammer 40,000 cover) at his local news agents.

Darren has now been modelling and gaming for 37 years and has enjoyed success in painting competitions, with his Perry War of the Roses regiment winning Best of Show at Salute in 2013.

He is not, to the best of our knowledge, a clone.



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