Welcome to Sculpting, Painting and Gaming

Hi, I’m Paul, and welcome to the Sculpting, Painting and Gaming, a blog brought to you by the new gold standard in wargaming, War Banner.

As the name would suggest , Sculpting Painting and Gaming is a blog dedicated to the enjoyment of gaming and the pursuit of hobby nirvana. Not only will it feature many and varied articles on a swathe of games, genres and hobby techniques, but we’ll also revisit the extensive back catalogue of posts from our previous Footsore Miniatures and Gangs of Rome blogs.

So dig in and help yourself to this buffet of wholesome gaming treats. And yes, you can use your fingers.

We’re currently open to submissions, so if you have an article about sculpting, painting or gaming, then please do send it our way. From historical to sci-fi, battle reports to painting tips, modelling to terrain and all points in between, we’d love to hear from you. See our submissions guidelines for more details.

About the Author

Paul L. Mathews
A born-again wargamer since 2015, Paul L. Mathews is now the editor at War Banner. He is also the head honcho at his own freelance enterprise, Tabletop Creative. A dull boy, Paul's interests include editing and staying up past his bedtime

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