How I Paint Armour, by Sascha Herm

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I’m sure I’m not the only hobbyist who finds armour—or, more specifically, painting armour—frustrating. I mean, it looks simple enough; how hard can it be to paint something that’s usually quite smooth and usually quite silver? Well, judging by my painted miniatures, the answer appears to be ‘very’. Fortunately help is at hand in the form of this tutorial by professional miniature painter Sascha Herm. After reading this gem, painting armour will be simple.



This 28mm knight can seen as part of my vignette The Ruin of French Nobility, and, after receiving some enquiries about how I painted the armour, I thought the following might help:

Step 1

After cleaning and base coating with black, I begin with painting all armoured parts of the miniature with Games Workshop Chainmail.


Step 2

I then apply a wash, with a 1:2 mix of GW black and brown inks…


Step 3

…Followed by a light drybrush with GW Boltgun Metal.


Step 4

I then highlight the armour with a 1:1 mix of GW Chainmail & Vallejo’s Oily Steel.


Step 5

I now add further highlights by applying pure GW Chainmail and GW black ink to add a pin wash along the overlapping plate armour, gaps and seams.


Step 6

Finally I use GW Mithril Silver to redefine the edges of the plate armour, helmet, gloves etc.


Step 7

The finished knight! As I wanted to portray a higher quality armour of a French noble Knight, I also added a gold edging. First using a 1:2 mix of GW Chaos Black and Scorched Brown to black / brown line all the edges.

N.B. as this figure was painted a while ago, some of the paints’ names might have changed, but you can use any equivalent make or colour that is available to you.




Sascha is a professional historical and fantasy miniature painter with over thirty years of miniature painting experience. You can see more of his work on both his Facebook page and his website.



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  1. Avatar David Alan McComiskey | January 17, 2019 at 11:58 pm | Reply

    thats amazing. im going to try this now with my figure!

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