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It’s Φατις (pronounced ‘Phatis’) here, reporting from the void! The lovely folks at War Banner have (presumably in some drunken stupor) placed me in charge of writing something up. Therefore I have decided to be your on-again/off-again pseudonymous guide to the forthcoming skirmish tabletop  game Mortal Gods: Test of Courage! Are you excited? I am excited. I may have had one too many caffeinated beverages this morning, so let’s hop on board this train to ancient Greece and take a quick look at this brand-new game from War Banner.

What exactly is this new game about which I speak? “What is Mortal Gods,” you ask? What is with those triangular group trays? What sort of minis can we expect? Just how many caffeinated drinks is too many? Simmer down, there! I will answer your questions; after all, the void is pretty bleak and boring so I have the time to spare.

The brilliant minds over at War Banner have come up with this revolutionary idea; what if you took all the fun and successful elements of their games, like Gangs of Rome and Test of Honour (based around feudal Japan), and converted them for use with ancient Greeks? Now to be perfectly clear, it is not a duplicate of what has come before. There are a ton of new elements to Mortal Gods that tabletop gamers will enjoy (I have to be careful what I say here or the gods of War Banner will strike me down).

The design of Mortal Gods is set up in this manner; you create something similar to a warband, or a company of Greek soldiers, called a Lochos (plural: Lochoi), a word typically used by ancient historians to mean a military company (from the Greek λόχος, translating to “the men who form an ambush”).  The make-up of this Lochos will largely be left up to the individual player’s imaginations, but there will definitely need to be a Lochagos (or ‘leader of the Lochos’). In addition you can also bring with you one or two promachoi (singular: promachos). The promachoi (Greek: πρόμαχοι) were historically those who made up the front rank of a phalanx, often labeled as heroes or champions of combat and war.

“But Phatis,” you ask, “where can we get miniatures with which to start building our Lochoi?” Well, friends, you might be interested to learn that War Banner is partnering with Victrix Miniatures Limited! Yes, that’s right; Mortal Gods will be utilizing the entire ancient Greek plastic line from Victrix! In addition, War Banner has confirmed that they were going to be releasing some wonderful white metal miniatures sculpted by the veteran sculptor’s Steve Saleh and Stavros Zouliatis!  Oh, and did I nearly forget to mention the limited release of a small high-quality resin miniatures line? Oh yes. That is happening. Check out a few of the sculpts Stavros is working on!

One of the most innovative concepts for Mortal Gods are these triangular group bases (movement trays). Your main hoplite forces will deploy on these bases in groups of three (that is, three per tray). They can fight independently as a unit or (ready for this?) they can join up with other hoplite groups, the triangular trays interlock, and they form a phalanx! Right?! Isn’t that just awesome? Here are a few images that Andy Hobday released demonstrating the phalanx and those cool triangular trays in action.

Who knows what kinds of special abilities will be gained by forming up rather than fighting as a three-man group? What is certain is that it looks spectacular and immersive and I can’t wait until I can get my hands on them. … Oh, wait! I can get my hands on them; So can you! Footsore Miniatures, in partnership with Sarissa Precision, have put up for sale a basing set which will get you set up with your very own Greek Lochos! And if you’re like me, you probably want multiple Lochoi, so you will need to pick up more than one set!

For the uninitiated, you definitely want to check out the brand new (and a fast growing) community for Mortal Gods on Facebook, bookmark the new website, and definitely go acquire some ancient Greek miniatures!

If the War Banner gods are willing, I shall continue to be your guide going forward—just remember that I am paid in caffeinated drinks, so it is hard to say what nonsense I might accidentally let loose out there (that will later be caught by the editors; we can pray they let it slip out on accident). Definitely subscribe and follow this blog so that you can stay well informed of all things Mortal Gods! The slated release is sometime early in 2019, so we have lots to discuss before that fateful day arrives! Until next time, my friends. This is your guide from beyond the river Styx signing off.



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Hi there! I'm Phatis. So there I was, minding my own business in Hades, when the Footsore blokes summoned me by some ritual or another and bound me to this thankless Fate--writing about Mortal Gods. But fear not, mortals! I do enjoy my profession, even if I am only compensated by way of caffeinated drinks.

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