Mortal Gods: Weekly Update 1

Hello everyone,

It’s Phatis, here once more to guide you through Mortal Gods. After last week’s rather successful article answering the question ‘Will Mortal Gods be a Historical tabletop game?,” I am sure we could all use a little palette cleanser. Coffee usually works best for me. Zeus be praised! I have some today.

But more to the point, apparently now the team wants me to do these weekly updates. So this will be the aptly named “Weekly Update 1”. Clever right? I am so clever.

If you haven’t already done so, definitely listen in to the Rocky’s War Room interview with Andy Hobday, which covers Mortal Gods rather extensively. It was a great interview until I heard that Hobday doesn’t like me. Guess who is getting a lead curse tablet in their desk?

Speaking of that, thanks to the anonymous mustachioed fellow who wrote in with a way to remove curses. Nearly everyone was spared! Plus it has motivated the War Banner team to buy me my very own coffee machine. I don’t think they want to visit me anymore.

Now if you aren’t already in the Mortal Gods Facebook group, you need to go join. Because you’re missing out on some amazing previews. Here, for example, is the Spartan lochagos:


And here is the Athenian lochagos (admittedly, as an Athenian, this is my favorite):



Gorgeous, am I right? Reminds me of home; those blood-soaked fields where men proved their mettle, and tested their courage to the bitter end. The smell and din and clash of battle; ah yes, the sweet memories. Brings tears to my eyes.

In addition to getting all the latest updates on the game, being a part of the Facebook community has other perks. Just recently, War Banner put out a poll asking for the group to come together and create three new miniatures for the game. And here are the designs for those community-created miniatures.

First is the heavy battle-worn Hoplite wearing an ornate bronze thorax and a Corinthian helmet with the plume running down the centre. He is carrying a spear and the hoplon shield in a dynamic action pose. This will be the miniature designed by the community:

Next up is the Thracian peltast, Adamas (Ἀδάμας) the Untamed; he is a bit of a barbarian, you see. And you can tell he is Thracian due to his decorated phrygian helmet (the feathers are a nice adornment) with a bronze face-mask. He also carries a heavy weapon–the mighty Rhomphaia:

Last but not the bit least is our Athenian heroic archer, Apollonia the Huntress! We are very excited about her; she brings a lot of pew-pew shooty skills to the table, making her deadly at range. Just make sure she is protected behind a phalanx until you are prepared for her to loose her arrows on the enemy:

I will spend more time on each in a future update discussing their stats and fun backstories. So stay tuned! Of course, we are desperately looking forward to Stavros’s sculpts for these!

Speaking of sculpts, we also have been told that War Banner will be releasing as series of packs with the same helmets, the same shields, etc., and Stavros the Magician is working on them. Here are some Corinthian helmets:


And as you can see, they fit nicely on Victrix models:


So that wraps up this weekly update! As always, please like, share, and subscribe to stay informed about all things Mortal Gods!

And until next time, remember this kids: lead curse tablets are not for children under ten.

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Hi there! I'm Phatis. So there I was, minding my own business in Hades, when the Footsore blokes summoned me by some ritual or another and bound me to this thankless Fate--writing about Mortal Gods. But fear not, mortals! I do enjoy my profession, even if I am only compensated by way of caffeinated drinks.

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