Unholy Trinities: an Introduction to Rome’s Most Wanted.

Hi, I’m Paul, and welcome to Sculpting, Painting and Gaming. It’s good to be back.

Today I get you all to myself, and I’d like to take this rare opportunity to talk about War Banner’s new range of box sets, Rome’s Most Wanted.

Of all the new Gangs of Rome goodies War Banner have up their sleeve, the Rome’s Most Wanted series has got me the most excited. Designed as they are to bring you a swathe of new and unique fighters to add to your gang, these new box sets are composed of the most renown and feared fighters Rome has ever seen. Our two debut sets from this awesome range include the Sons of Orcus and the Children of Epona:


Beloved of the night and feared by Rome, the Sons of Orcus are devoted to the god of the Underworld. They are led by the handsome Little Hades. Perfect of form and visage, Little Hades is believed to have lost his soul to Orcus in a game of dice, and he loses his temper to berserk rages just as easily. The malformed and agile Pulcher is as bent of frame as he is sick of heart, longing as he does to be reunited with his dead sister. His devoted and indomitable friend, Faustus, is dedicated to Pulcher’s defence. A behemoth of scarred flesh and muscle, Faustus’ colossal frame belies his delight in clever wordplay and repartee. You can read fiction featuring these benighted fighters on our website.



Venerated and adored, the Children of Epona are decorated chariot racers who ply their trade at the Circus Maximus. Their skills do not end there, however. Strong and fearless, they make perfect foot soldiers for their dominus and his ambitions on the Senate.

This dashing gang is led by Cambyses. A daring racer and prestigious lover, he is idolised by the masses and detested by his dominus, whose wife is infatuated with the handsome chariot racer. Cambyses’ lieutenant, Agrippa, was abandoned in a stable as a baby, and his empathy with horses and other animals eclipses Cambyses’ affinity with women. Finally, there is Draco, a man who has suffered so many broken bones and blows to the head that he feels neither fear nor pain.

As with all our forthcoming Rome’s Most Wanted box sets, each of these boxes includes:

  • Three gang fighters
  • Three gang fighter cards
  • Three jigsaw bases
  • A coin plate containing four denarii unique to each box set
  • Four corresponding coin cards
  • Three Gangs of Rome D6 roman numeral die
  • A terrain piece / objective marker unique to each box set
  • An insert containing a scenario and special rules pertaining to the gang fighters and their terrain piece/ objective marker

So what other gangs can we look forward to? Well, it’s funny you should ask…


Possessed of cold beauty and hard hearts, the Daughters of Sappho are a trio of fighters who fight for the highest bidder. Loyal to no man, these former slaves are now resolved to carve their names in the heart of Rome and the hides of their enemies. You can find out more about these femme fatales in this piece of fiction.


Retired Legionaries hardened on foreign shores, the Veterans of the Aventine now ply their bloody trade on home soil. Operating out of their famed taverna the Aquila, these former legionaries serve their dominus as well as offering a profitable bodyguard service. For a price, they guarantee safe passage throughout Rome for rich patrons and nervous travellers alike.


A rare force for good in Rome’s besieged streets, the Reapers of Ceres are fearless vigilantes who watch over and protect the Aventine’s plebeian masses.


Drunken pugilists, the Circus Bacchanalias are wanton carousers and compulsive gamblers. After a hard week fighting for their dominus, they like nothing better than blowing their denarii on the horses and then indulging in a drunken punch-up.


So there you have it, six of Rome’s most wanted gangs. Not only are there even more of these amazing box sets in the pipeline, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Between new Incola, allies, a campaign pack and more, the future for Gangs of Rome is as bright as it is varied…

…Enjoy the ride.



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