Mortal Gods: Weekly Update 3

Hello everyone!

Another (dreadful) Monday, and here I am. Still held against my will, slaving away for the Man, bringing you another weekly update.

Apparently, these coffee vending machines require routine service. No one told me that, and I already drained the supply. They tell me the person in charge of servicing the machine won’t be here until Thursday. Thursday! That’s forever from now! What sort of mad future is this where coffee machines run out of coffee?! Ugh.

Worse yet, some anonymous coworker thought it would be funny to send me an email with a picture of a cat hanging from a tree, with the line “hang in there” written in bold letters. Does he think my suffering is funny?! Νήπιóς εἰς, ὦ ξεῖν᾽!  We’ll see how you feel after getting curse tablets.

Alright, you didn’t come here to listen to me complain, did you? If so, stay after and we can grumble about life together. Surely I am more interesting than your modern day Philosopher, Television.

We have a really impressive roundup of new sculpts, new details about future releases, and the new resin miniatures which are going to be made available for purchase this week.

First up is the sculpt for the huntress Apollonia!

Stavros did an amazing job as always capturing the essence of Steve Beckett’s concept art.

Apollonia the Huntress of Athens

Some important news about box set releases! War Banner has begun to organize the Spartan box. Pshaw, Spartans. More like barbarians, really. Here are the first few images of the Spartan Lochagos in resin!

And they are casting up shields with the lambda symbol for the box, which I think is excellent! Fiddling with decals can be a bother.

In case you are wondering, other city-states will also be getting cast shields! Here is a few Stavros is working on:

The Athenian one is my favorite. I may have a bias.

Speaking of future box sets, Stavros also finished up this very awesome looking Lochagos for the Thespian set (though I believe they should call it the Boeotian set to avoid confusion):

As far as future releases goes, this is my new favorite. I do love the Boeotian shield design. I used to have one back in my days as a promachos. Reminiscing about my past life almost made me forget that today is a Monday.

But there is some rather good news to tell! This Wednesday, War Banner will be releasing their limited run of new resin miniatures sculpted by Stavros! Yes, you read that correct. This Wednesday! That’s two days!  Here are the miniatures:

I would like two of each, please!

Speaking of things releasing this week, Sarissa Precision launched the first (we hope of many) terrain sets ideal for Mortal Gods, The Mediterranean Farm:

The farmhouse is a real centerpiece on the table; and you can tell that the Sarissa Precision team did their research, as this very closely resembles the farms that I remember and those uncovered by current archaeological dig sites.

I do wonder if archaeologists will ever uncover my bones in a dig. I won’t say where they are buried; have fun hunting!

Last but not least there will be another Open Play Day where you, fine reader, can go and hang out with the creators and player Mortal Gods on December 9th, 2018 at Boards and Swords in Derby, UK!

Is that everything? I think that is everything. It’s all I care to write about until I get more water for my coffee machine!

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