Mortal Gods: Weekly Update 4

Hello everyone!

It’s Phatis once again, here to bring you yet another weekly update on what is possibly the most Mondayest Thursday ever. And you all know how I feel about Mondays. However today I am caffeinated and feeling sparky, so let’s get a shift on and power through this.

On a completely unrelated note: Never investigate electrical outlets without a trained professional.

First up, a quick note from the War Banner archons; there is a few important bits to Mortal Gods that have changed from our previous posts. First up, there is now a whole new dice mechanic to the game.

I cannot yet get into specifics on this, as the team is still testing them to make sure they are flawless, but so far the move takes them in a different direction from Test of Honour. Wildcards are now a much bigger deal and certain rolls will have different effects and might even lead to skill activations (Ooo!) and other interesting things.

Once we hammer out the kinks, I am sure they will task me with writing up something for the blog. So definitely make sure you are subscribed to stay well-informed of the new mechanics!

Right, here’s our Scoop of the Week! Steve Beckett has been hard at work sketching away at new masterpieces which will soon become miniatures. Here, then, is the Persian officer and leader of a forthcoming Mortal Gods box set:

Lovely, right? I have to say, I thankfully never had to fight Persians in real life. Most of my time was spent dealing with those bloody Spartans (and by ‘bloody’, I mean to say that was how I left them). I did meet a few Persian merchants though. Very nice fellows.

Moving along, we have a few more additional sketches of some light javelin throwers!

I hope they don’t need to fight like that in the winter months. In addition to these, Steve also sketched out some light hoplites!

I admit, I am fairly excited to see these all as sculpts!

Luke Fellows (LukeAPS on YouTube) is still crunching time on the Mortal Gods board; he sent along these pictures to show his progress so far. It looks absolutely realistic, if you ask me (you didn’t, but I am telling you anyway).

You may be wondering why Luke has a ruined temple on the board. If so, I wrote an article last week for this blog about whether or not one should bring pristine or ruined buildings (Quick answer: both or either are fine).

Something else really cool that happened this week; Darren Linington did a fantastic job painting up the new miniatures for Mortal Gods. They are stunning.

A final note: the next Open Play at Boards and Swords Hobbies in Derby takes place December 9th! So definitely show up! I can’t, alas, as I am a shade. But the rest of you have a good time. I’m not bitter. What? No, I promise not to send curse scrolls to anyone who attends (this time).

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Hi there! I'm Phatis. So there I was, minding my own business in Hades, when the Footsore blokes summoned me by some ritual or another and bound me to this thankless Fate--writing about Mortal Gods. But fear not, mortals! I do enjoy my profession, even if I am only compensated by way of caffeinated drinks.

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