Mortal Gods: Weekly Update 5

Hello everyone!

Say it with me now: “It’s Phatis, again!”  Happy joyness to all; it’s Friday! The best day of the week by far. To bring you some of the very exclusive content in this week’s Mortal Gods update, we have to sacrifice someone; Artemis demands it! In order to accomplish that, I have a little round disc with an arrow pinned at the middle which I will spin around. Around the edge are lists of names of folks I know. No hard feelings for the winner of this, er, ‘competition’.

Let’s just give this a quick spin, shall we? Here we go…spinning. Oh, it almost landed on Jez a few times. Just narrowly missed Andy Hobday there… Ah ha! We have a winner!

Wait… Aaron? Who’s Aaron? Ah well…Aaron (whoever you are), if you’re reading this, come see me. Artemis has chosen you.

Right, the fun stuff now! First, the folks here have been working to bring us a new box set of Persians! Yes, you heard that right: Persians! And they look very Ancient Persian-like, if you ask me.

It looks like this is going to be a very well-rounded box set! Steve Beckett did an incredible job as always on the artwork for these soon-to-be miniatures. It’s a splendid mixture of archers, melee warriors, officers, and characters! They are going to be a lot of fun to paint!

Next up is the artwork for the character cards found in the upcoming Athenian box set release:

Looks like we will get a hoplite and a peripolos (or maybe a peripolarches)! I do love the poses on these two. The sculpts for them are quite stunning as well!

Absolutely stellar work, Stavros!

Here is our exclusive scoop; the card art for the characters in the Spartan box set! On the left we have a Helot warrior and on the right a Spartan hoplite!

Once again, Steve Beckett just kills it. And Stavros takes these works of art and transforms them into sculpts!

The Spartan hoplite is one of my favorite poses; primarily because the shield hand is holding the spear and he’s pointing. It is just such a unique pose for the line! These are going to be must-haves for a lot of people (myself included, but only so my Athenian hoplites can rough them up in a game or two).

Next up we have some newly sculpted peripoloi!

They’re very nice! They remind me of my time serving. Yes, lots of memories flooding back. Oh no, that’s too many! Ugh.

Well you may be wondering by now what that word means as I have used it a few times in this blog.  The peripoloi were basically border defense troops and guards at frontier fortifications. The ranks of the peripoloi were drawn primarily from the epheboi, or men (at this point around the age of 19) who were in their second year of the ephebeia, which was one’s training to become a hoplite.

This is where the hoplite-in-training would gain experience. Prior to ‘graduating’ the ephebeia, the ephebos would be given a spear and shield by the state but would not yet have their full panoplia (their gear; i.e., the helmet, breastplate, greaves, etc…). This would have to be acquired after completion of their training, and became as much a part of the hoplite class status symbol as the rank of ‘hoplite’ itself.

Thus War Banner’s interpretation of the peripoloi here have them unarmored and basically near naked, but still armored with that state-supplied spear and shield.  But that is enough history for a Friday, I think…

Have you all seen Luke Fellows’ (Lukes APS) nearly completed Mortal Gods board?!  Just…wow!

Jaw-dropping, am I right? He has been posting up work-in-progress shows for each step, and he has a few videos posted on his YouTube channel already which you should definitely check out. Most of this can all be accomplished using his range of terrain products.

Did someone say Thracian peltasts?! No? Oh, well we’re showing them off anyway:

It is a long-standing view that Thracian peltasts were the best peltasts around and we are going to represent that in our rules for them. It is also a long-standing view of my generation that Thracians dressed funny.

Ah well, I can’t complain too much about ancient styles of dress. At least we didn’t have skinny jeans. Seriously, they are devised by some troubled god who wants to torment humanity. Just what are you modern-day people thinking?!

I digress. Moving along… here is something I am going to be blogging about in more detail over the weekend. Introducing to you the new Trauma Token!  The ‘Trauma’ mechanics are closely tied to combat and the Resistance stat (as well as Courage Rolls). But there is too much presently to go into in this update, so let’s save that for another time!

The basic idea is that you have a six-sided dice and each side has a skull with a number on it. The number signifies how much trauma you have sustained!

But that isn’t all for this update!

Oh wait, yes it is. Hmm, well I guess I will have to come up with more stuff for next week, then.

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