Mortal Gods: Weekly Update 6

Hello everyone!

Phatis here, and admittedly it has been a while. You must understand, they don’t check in on me much unless I am sending out curse scrolls. And then all of a sudden they won’t leave me alone, as apparently I’ve “crossed a line” (can’t recall that) and then they won’t shut up about “going to HR” (whatever that means).

Honestly, they really don’t even feed me. I’d stop sending out curses if someone just sent me down a cheeseburger every once in a while.

Look, don’t you get all “Well, you don’t have any internal organs so how do you even eat?” logical with me. How logical is it exactly that a 2,500 year old Shade was conjured up and is typing on this modern gizmotraption? Exactly.

Right, you didn’t come here for my ramblings, did you? You came for exclusive looks and sneak peeks and game information about Mortal Gods. So let’s jump in then.

Thracians! Oh boy, do we ever have updates on Thracians. Check out these new images and the sculpts for our forthcoming Thracian peltasts!

And here is the new Thracian hero, Dromichaetes, as drawn by Steve Beckett!

Dromichaetes has won hard-earned respect from his fellow Thracian mercenaries. His prowess on the field is matched by none, his fighting skill commands awe and respect from others in his Lochos.

Short of temper and hard of heart, not a man that has many friends. He is an unpleasant and bitter fellow away from the field of battle and a blur or speed and blood on it.

Here is the sculpt for him that Stavros just finished this morning!

Speaking of Stavros, he has been busy sculpting up some Athenian Marines! The three Marines will be released as a set (and the hero being released separately) with additional rules and cards a little later on. Needless to say, I am excited.

Athenians are awesome (he says with no bias whatsoever). How about we talk about the new heroic character for them> Introducing Sophanes (Σωφάνης)! Sophanes is very loosely based upon a historical figure, though we have made some changes to fit the mold of our system. Here is how we have interpreted him…

Sophanes the Athenian is a military leader of great skill and renown. The accounts of his enemies, he is said to have a trident adorning his shield, a shield which he is known to wield expertly by spinning it around in combat to confuse or startle his opponents before striking them down.

Probably my second favorite sculpt yet! I love the pose; it’s very dynamic.

Some of the War Banner crew got together with Luke Fellows (Lukes APS on YouTube) to play the finalized rules and mechanics on the brand new presentation Mortal Gods board that Luke built. Here are some of the shots of the game and the table (both look impressive):

I wish they wouldn’t keep me locked up down here in the cellar so I could play. I mean, I suppose I could pass through the walls like I normally do, but I have found in my years as a shade, I have become quite lazy. Meh.

You know they did a “Caption This” photograph contest on the Mortal Gods Facebook Group? I am pretty sure I may have created the first ever rules to ‘caption this’ contests.

Come to think of it, I seem to recall doing something like this with my mate Polythanes over a brew. The idiot carved his likeness into a stone while serving at one of the frontier forts. So I said to the rest of the company, ‘Someone put a funny inscription under that.’ Polythanes went to do it and I said, ‘Wait a second, you moron. You can’t caption your own likeness!’

I think the caption that won was, ‘Polythanes the idiot’. We weren’t very creative back then…

Anyway, Steve Beckett is still hard at work sketching and inking some lovely art for the game. Here are four images Steve just finished up; a group of Spartan hoplites, a group of Spartan helots, some Athenian hoplites, and a group of peripoloi (unarmored hoplites).

Oh, did we mention the new dice for the game have arrived? The top row shown below are War Banner Damage Dice and the bottom row are the Mortal Gods Dice. There is a little bit of tweaking to be done to perfect them, but this is a good representation of what will be in the game:

Oh! There is some other big news! Steve Saleh’s Ancient Greek warriors are now available at Footsore Miniatures!  These are amazing metal sculpts with great detail and they are a great way to jump into the game early!

And that is all folks! Nothing else new to report–just that I am still hungry. Remember to like, share, and subscribe to…

Hmm. What’s this then? How did it get here?

Wait, this looks to be some fancy artwork. Oh man, is this the artwork for the cover? It looks important.

Was this the thing Andy Hobday told me not to share? Well they didn’t get me a cheeseburger, so to Hades with that noise.

You’re welcome, everyone.

And that is it for this update!

Take care and happy holidays to everyone! Well except to whoever is responsible for bringing me food. That fellow can just sod right off.

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Hi there! I'm Phatis. So there I was, minding my own business in Hades, when the Footsore blokes summoned me by some ritual or another and bound me to this thankless Fate--writing about Mortal Gods. But fear not, mortals! I do enjoy my profession, even if I am only compensated by way of caffeinated drinks.

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