Mortal Gods: Weekly Update 7

Hi everyone,

Phatis here! It’s Friday and I’m completely bored down here in the basement, making boxes for the upcoming release of Mortal gods in March (curse you, Jez!). I’m pretty sure they’re taking advantage of the fact that I cannot get any injury from repetitive motions (and by Zeus, is there ever repetitive movements when it comes to box making)–being that I am an undead incorporeal entity and all that.

There is a lot I want to cover here, also more I want to cover in a follow-up blog post on the Spartan and Athenian box sets (so keep an eye out for that too later). So let’s get cracking.

You may have heard the big news this week: Mortal Gods is now AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER!

You can click the image above or the link and check out what fantastic deals are being offered! It’s huge news! March is coming on fast and we are as excited as you are that the release is in sight!

Besides the core box set, which includes just a ton of stuff (I know from making the boxes), there are two additional supplemental box sets releasing at the same time: The Athenians (yay!) and the Spartans (boooo!). I will get into both of these in a follow-up blog later this evening. So for now let’s get back to the standard update!

So, one of my favorite miniatures so far is in resin finally!

•Polykratos of Thespis, Descended from Heroes•

He danced swiftly inside the strong spear thrust knocking it downwards with his shield as he did so. He could see his vicious grin mirrored in the blade of his sword as it plunged into the Spartan’s neck ending his attacker’s life swiftly.

Polykratos surveyed the corpses of the five Spartans that littered the ground around him, even with the initiative allowing them to ambush his Lochos, they were no match for his skill.

“This will teach these self-righteous bastards a lesson, always they think they are the best warriors.” He chuckled under his breath.

Just as now, as always, he intended to show them otherwise, one or ten at a time he didn’t care. His blade would end them, as theirs had done to his beloved wife and children.

He glanced in approval as his companions finished off the remains of the enemy, only a few of his band had fallen.

As tales of his victories spread, more and more fighting men wronged by the sons of Laconia arrived to follow him and fight.

His father’s father stood at the hot gates against the Persian tide but his people were still neglected by history, he thought. His wife, his family, his love, torn from this life by Spartan mercenaries. Polykratos the hero of Thespis sought revenge.

Soon red would be the only colour any of them knew.

Neat, right?  You will have to wait until after the initial release of the game to get your hands on him but we believe he will be worth the wait.

Speaking of neat things, there are two special miniatures shown on the Facebook group this week. The first is the special preorder mini which will be included (as a white metal mini) with each preorder for FREE!

This miniature has a few customizable features, like his helmets and weapons, so you can make him your very own Mortal God!  It will also be released for sale in resin once the game releases!

The second special miniature is the event mini – the Champion of Olympus!

Like the Mortal god preorder miniature, this one has some customization with the weapon, and look at the detail! Stavros is just incredible. This miniature will be available only at Mortal Gods-specific events upon the core game release!

The team has also put up a few additional bits on the War Banner site. The first of which are a set of tropaions!

These are really rather cool and have a generous effect on your warriors when they are nearby one that you own.

Also added to the website and available now for purchase are a set of Corinthian helms and a set of Thespian helms! These are really spectacular and fit Victrix plastics perfectly.

Oh! More big news! Many of you may have heard already, but War Banner has expanded across the pond! Tim Spakowski of Special Artisan Service Miniatures is now leading up the US War Banner team! Let’s all welcome Tim! He has already proven to be an incredible asset he is, just look at these ruins he is working on for Mortal Gods!

Apparently, these are going to be a War Banner product (a part of a range of terrain), so keep your eyes peeled specifically on the War banner website for these in the next few weeks!

Speaking of ruins, there has been a lot of debate on the Mortal Gods Facebook community page recently about whether or not to include ruined buildings. You all might recall that I wrote a blog post on this very subject! Give it a read and spread it around.

There is a lot more to share with you all, but that will have to be for the Sparta/Athens blog I am writing up next. So be sure to like, share, and subscribe so you can stay up to date on all things Mortal Gods!

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Hi there! I'm Phatis. So there I was, minding my own business in Hades, when the Footsore blokes summoned me by some ritual or another and bound me to this thankless Fate--writing about Mortal Gods. But fear not, mortals! I do enjoy my profession, even if I am only compensated by way of caffeinated drinks.

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