Articles by Paul L. Mathews

Rules for Using Your Dominus in Gangs of Rome

Rules for using your Dominus or Domina miniatures as a physical representation of you, the players, on your Gangs of Rome tables. As such you will be able to exert a greater influence on your gang and, the gods be willing, guide them to victory. Should the gods be angry with you, however, then you will fall into the hands of your enemies…

Thoroughly Modern Minis: an Interview with Tim Spakowski

Today we bring you an interview with Tim Spakowski. The founder of Special Artisan Service Miniatures, Tim is—in more then one sense of the word—a veteran. He’s been the driving force behind SASM for three years, and, before that, he toured Iraq in a Personal Security Detachment. Now, with SASM a part of the War Banner family, I spent a little time chatting with Tim to learn more about him and his miniatures.